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Recommended Guidebooks

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kanscr.gif (12936 bytes)My guidebook covers Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. It begins in Waterton Park near the American Border, and works its way north through Crowsnest Pass, Kananaskis Country, Kootenay, Banff and Yoho Parks, to finally finish at Jasper National Park. Over 155 scrambles are described, most of which can be done in a day with little or no technical equipment. It is available online at Rocky Mountain Books. Click cover to order.  Click here to see what critics at Amazon.com are saying...

dousel.gif (17093 bytes) Some Rockies routes on my web site are described in this book by Sean Dougherty. (Rocky Mtn Books)

scosum.gif (9752 bytes) Chic Scott's excellent guide to Rocky/Selkirk/Purcell Mountain ski ascents and tours. (Rocky Mtn Books)

scoski.gif (14630 bytes)Another good guidebook by Chic Scott. (Rocky Mtn Books) For more mellow trips: Trails, not summits.

Rockiessouth.gif (3895 bytes) Before specialized climbing books appeared, climbers used two books almost exclusively:  Rocky Mountains of Canada North and Rocky Mountains of Canada South, published by the American Alpine Club. (Do I sense irony here?) What they lack in detail, they more than compensate for in scope. Ironically, many peak baggers today don't know these volumes exist. I'd start looking in used bookstores. They won't ever be re-published again and they are a gold mine of info.  Example: Just where is Mount Somervell? And who did make the first ascent of Mount Smuts?

dafka1.gif (13045 bytes) dafka2.gif (11666 bytes)Hiking guidebooks for Kananaskis area by Gillean Daffern (Rocky Mtn Books).  Useful for approaches (and hiking!). So complete, copycat authors have stolen the material for their own guidebooks because they lack originality and ethics. I say, don't waste your time on copycats...

caminv.gif (12922 bytes) This guidebook touches on approaches (and hikes) to a few areas in the southern Rockies, notably areas near Mount Assiniboine and Height of the Rockies Provincial Park. (Rocky Mtn Books)

crtgcov.jpg (67214 bytes) Another favorite guidebook is The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Patton and Robinson, which covers hiking trails in the National Parks of the Canadian Rockies. This book was my early inspiration. A timeless classic, the original, great for approach info too. Available at local bookstores in Banff, Jasper, Canmore, Calgary, Lake Louise... Like publications by Rocky Mtn Books, this reference book, too, has been plagiarized by more recent guidebook authors.

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