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Scrambles (from my guidebook)  list of 2001 updates

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Another day in paradise, on Mt Temple, Canadian Rockies

Mount Hungabee from Mount Temple's scramble route, Banff National Park

Here are selected scrambles with photos from the new 1999 edition of my best-selling guidebook,  SCRAMBLES in the CANADIAN ROCKIES, (by me, Alan Kane) which won the Canadian Rockies Award at Banff Mountain Book Festival, 1999.  This is the original guidebook of scrambles for the Canadian Rockies, don't be fooled by copycats with poor imitations and equally poor photos!

What is Scrambling?

Scrambling lies somewhere between hiking and technical climbing/mountaineering, but a rope is not usually required for experienced parties if conditions are dry. Scramble routes range from steep, off-trail hiking to other ascents that are more difficult and require frequent use of hand and foot holds while ascending rock steps or traversing narrow ridges. The scrambling objective is usually a mountain top.


What is in the Scrambles book?

Actual descriptions in the guidebook include detailed firsthand information about starting points, level of difficulty, round trip time, plus a wealth of other useful information. Most of the 155+  scrambles in the book are day trips. All routes in the guidebook are illustrated with red lines on photos accompanied by in-depth text descriptions. 

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Tiny Temple.jpg (7023 bytes)Click for a free detailed scramble route description of Mount Temple (3543 m), Banff National Park, taken from my Scrambles book.  Don't walk out on the east face cornice like some idiots have done...

Follow the links below to see photos taken on selected scramble ascents described in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. These photos are not  intended as a source of route information but merely to whet your appetite. After all, I am hoping to $ell book$! 

Representative Canadian Rockies scrambles

Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies includes route descriptions for 155+ peaks with a wide range of difficulty suitable for novice climbers and experienced hikers who want a little more challenge. Profusely illustrated with 188 route photos complete with red route lines.

HH01518A1.gif (838 bytes)    Email me:   peakbagger2 "at" hotmail.com  with errors or any oversights but please spare me the complaints about how tough it was.


Alan Kane.

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