Mount Assiniboine 3618 m

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, B.C.


The classic (helicopter) view of Assiniboine from Lake Magog

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Mount Assiniboine, also called the "Matterhorn of the Rockies" is the highest peak in the Southern Rockies. The R.C. Hind hut on the north side is the starting point for the two most popular routes, although it is a l-o-n-g walk in. You can also helicopter to nearby Assiniboine Lodge and save a full days' walk. The north ridge (5.5) from the Hind hut is an exciting alpine rock ascent, best done when dry. That usually takes until August.  Most folks don't know it, but there is a less technical (near-scramble) route on Assiniboine's south side that merely diverges from the normal route up Lunette Peak. This was Assiniboine's first ascent route, and can be readily reached from Highway 93 in British Columbia. Click here for detailed approach info for Assiniboine's southern approach/climb.


Assiniboine closeup  Close-up view of standard North Ridge route of Mount Assiniboine from near the R.C. Hind Hut. The typical approach from Spray Lakes Reservoir is a long day's walk in via Bryant Creek. We cheated and helicoptered into Assiniboine Lodge in late afternoon, then climbed to the hut above Lake Magog by evening via the route called Gmoser's Ledges.

dawn from Assiniboine.A fine day ahead, looking northwest from Assiniboine.


OnAssiniboine1.jpg (35128 bytes) After leaving the hut at 4:30 a.m., we have a fine early morning view from partway up the north ridge. My partners are completely unaware of  strange red halos surrounding them. We managed to get past the few remaining snow patches without crampons, chopping a few steps as we moved steadily upwards.

On Assiniboine N Ridge Going up the north ridge. So far, we haven't needed to use crampons or chop steps as conditions are very dry. This is ideal for the route.


Assiniboine break.Pausing for a break about 1/3 of the way up Mount Assiniboine, early morning, early August. The peak left of centre is The Marshall.


View from Assiniboine   Looking southeast towards Mount Eon from halfway up Assiniboine. There are other fine peaks in this area that see very few ascents (Like Mount Eon). Today  looks like perfect weather for the climb; no point in rushing.

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