Mount Alexandra 3388 m

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Meadows and Mt Alexandra

Mount Alexandra is one of the more remote Rockies 11000 ers, but when you fly in by helicopter as our group of 5 did in August 2001, it seemed downright accessible. We spent a terrific week at the head of South Rice Brook, near the Alpine Club's 1998 general mountaineering camp site. Our little adventure, however, only cost us a fraction of a GMC.  The Rice Brook area offers many mountaineering opportunities, scrambles and gorgeous meadows for hiking, as shown here. Alexandra is the high summit towards left of centre; further left is Queens Peak, though it hardly looks like a separate peak at all. Just down the valley from our camp rose mighty Mount Bryce. Views everywhere were awesome.

campsite at South Rice Brook Our colorful camp on the gravel flats west of Mounts Whiterose and Alexandra. We were flown in by Don McTighe of Alpine Helicopters in Golden, B.C. from the west side of Mount Bryce along Bush River road. After some initial rain, we had many days of sunny, perfect mountaineering weather.


Route from camp From the meadows south of camp, here is how we ascended the cliffs to the north and traversed over to Alexandra Glacier and reach the Alexandra-Whiterose col.


Mount Alexandra  You cross the Alexandra Glacier, head to the col and eventually, the summit, as shown here. Summer conditions made the red line obvious to see.


Starting to traverse Scrambling up easy rock to start the ledge traverse towards Alexandra Glacier.


Approaching Alexandra. After crossing the Alexandra Glacier we arrive just below the Alexandra-Whiterose col with Mount Alexandra rising on the left.


Above the col on Alexandra   Heading up Alexandra with high hopes for a summit today. No rope required up here; this part was scrambling.


bluerigh.gif (266 bytes) More Alexandra


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