Scrambling equipment:What to take

It always surprises me to see people scrambling up a peak with tiny little packs on their backs and wearing runners, shorts, a T-shirt.can relate   They are sadly under-equipped.  Park Rangers and wardens are can relate many stories of rescues of such ill-equipped people. Unless you are really fit, capable, familiar with the route and blessed with good weather it is simply irresponsible to attempt peaks without carrying proper equipment.

I figure if you go, you might as well go prepared just in case, so here is my suggested list of stuff. Yes, I know it seems like a lot but you get used to it. By comparison, calling for help on your cellphone because you're an idiot and went ill-prepared doesn't cut it.  Such incidents may well spell the end of the free rescue service still available in Canada's Parks, punishing the ones who might really need it some day.

The equipment list

Sturdy leather backpacking or mountaineering boots, adjustable ski-poles, warm long-sleeved wool/synthetic shirt, synthetic undershirt, gore-tex jacket, sunglasses, gloves or mitts, nylon windpants, helmet, toque, 1.5-2 liters water, lunch plus enough high energy food to survive a night out, gaiters, map, compass, guidebook, pocket knife, matches in waterproof container, big plastic garbage bag/space blanket, toilet paper, sunblock cream, small first-aid kit, pencil and paper, pocket knife, a pack big enough to carry it all, and most importantly---remember your common sense.   Optional items: camera, ice-axe, binoculars, synthetic jacket such as Fleece or Pile.

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