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My aching back! continued

The important thing is to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. It may take a lot of tries with various health care professionals, but keep trying.  None of them work together it seems, and each knows little about related fields/procedures. Your traditional family doctor may prove the least knowledgeable of all, but don't give up! My original back problem returned in 1991, and it took till '96 until I could climb like I used to. I still have to (or I'm supposed to!) do the exercises daily and I sometimes still wear the belt while climbing or cycling (or anytime lower back pain bothers me alot). I've worn that darn thing for 21 full hours at a stretch. 

To summarize, maybe you have a problem with your back that can be helped by one of these suggestions. They are:


During and after Aug 2002, I had at least six more sets of prolotherapy injections, 6 accupuncture sessions, 10 rolfing sessions, spent $1750.00 on an MRI that showed no problem with my back and I still go regularly to a chiropracter. Plus I work on my core stability. And guess what: My back still bothers me. S-o-o-o-o,

In July 2003, after many years of being stubborn, I basically gave up and packed it in with climbing, scrambling, climbing, cycling, rollerblading and instead, I bought a fly rod. I can at least hike to a nearby backcountry lake sometimes and fly fish without pain, or wander the wonderful streams and rivers of Southern Alberta in search of a trout.

I always suspected that exercising exacerbated my back problem but it doesn't take a long walk to leave most fishermen behind, thankfully. And once you actually start learning how to catch fish, it's a hoot!! Watch for my next book: Save your sanity by flyfishing.


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Use this advice at your own risk.


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