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Borah Peak continued


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Party on the ridge.jpg (29728 bytes)  Another roped party along Chicken out Ridge.  By now the sun is well up and the smoke is not as noticeable. We met these people ascending as we came down. Everyone asked us when we started, since they thought they were starting early.


Snow arete on Borah Pk.jpg (29124 bytes) A short snow arete at the top of a snowfield along the way is safer to cross if you have an ice axe, as it is quite a drop along either side. The snow was frozen hard in the early morning.


Along the ridge.jpg (39507 bytes) For the final slope, we stayed close to the ridge (to the right) where the views were better and the scrambling more fun. The normal way plods up scree to the figure's left.


Signing register on Borah.jpg (29872 bytes)  My partner signing the register, which really wasn't much of a register: The metal box had been blown apart by lightning.  We spent a leisurely hour an a half on top before heading down to our car. All other parties were still below, although a solo climber from Washington was getting very close.  We were the only party that didn't get wet because it rained just 10 minutes after we got to our van. Was it a tough ascent? No, not at all, mostly a fun hike.

Our time was 9.5 hrs round trip including time on top. For more info on Borah Peak and other USA other highpoints visit

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