Pocaterra Peak 2934 m

Pocaterra Peak at Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country, Alberta, is a worthwhile extension to a popular scramble up nearby Mount Tyrwhitt. The starting point is at a high elevation in alpine meadows among Lyall's larch trees. If you happen to hit it on a sunny autumn day as we did, you will be treated to an outstanding view of Kananaskis Lakes. These gems are surrounded by stereotypical fabulous Rockies peaks.


Near Tyrwhitt Cirque

Heading for Pocaterra Peak above Tyrwhitt Cirque on a beautiful autumn morning. Mount Rae, another easy ascent, rises in the centre of photo.

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Tyrwhitt cirque. The short hike in is a pleasure as it leads through a landscape of alpine meadows and larch trees. Mount Tyrwhitt is at the left in this picture; Pocaterra Peak would be to the right. 


Tyrwhitt arch To get to Pocaterra Peak, you must first scramble up Mount Tyrwhitt, 2874 m. A highlight is the photogenic rock arch, shown here. Limestone, a key building block of the Rockies, does not lend itself well to forming arches and they are not widely found in this mountainous region. This is one of the more accessible of those few arches that are known. Better yet, after visiting this geological feature,  you also get to the top of a peak.


Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble Tramping along on rubble beside the ridge. Typical Rockies scrambling terrain!


Summiting Pocaterra Walking the last way to Mount Pocaterra's summit. Notice the blur in the sky  left of the summit? Must be a UFO: It is in the slide and it won't brush off. I can think of no other explanation. Click here for a close-up ufo.


A nice view, eh? The last few steps to paradise. Apparently, the UFO seen in the previous picture has departed. Isn't that a scary one, boys and girls?

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