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Mount Robson continued (Use the "BACK" button on your browser to go back)

Near The Roof.jpg (31280 bytes)Approaching "The Roof". Here, we are above Schwartz Ledges going up a shoulder of snow and rock to reach the easier angled Roof, below the final summit mass. The Roof is a snow bench below Robson's summit seracs which can be traversed east to join the upper part of the popular Kain Face route. Looks like a good day to be one the big mountain.

On Robson2.jpg (27149 bytes) The Standard and Kain Face routes join on the upper part of the mountain. Here, my partner, Sim, pauses for a breather in the noticeably thinner air up at 12,500 feet. In centre of photo is glaciated Mount Resplendent. After traversing across Robson's south glacier, we gained the southeast ridge above the top of Kain Face and ascended moderate snow slopes to the summit ridge. For one section (about 50 metres) the angle of ice approaches 45-50 degrees. Parties rappelled this on descent.

Near Robson summit ridge.jpg (54290 bytes)Almost at the summit ridge here, the going is pretty casual now so long as you don't step through the cornice. It is about lunch time.


Down north face.jpg (31055 bytes) Looking down Robson's 55 degree North face with Berg Lake about 1 mile below. The face alone is about 1000 metres high.


Almost there (20205 bytes) Mount Robson's summit ridge, a veritable walkway. The highest point is the summit "mushroom",  a hump of snow at the west end.


Us on Robson.jpg (13027 bytes)On Top! Click to enlarge the ugly mugs (well, the mug in red, anyway) if you dare. Being up there was more satisfying than doing Rainier and The Matterhorn combined. It takes a little more to get up Robson than many other peaks but when you actually do, you're not in a crowd. Views were just amazing: We thought we could even see Clemenceau and Tsar Mountain, and it looked like Mount Columbia and Mount Sir Donald far to the south, too. No sign of Borah Peak in Idaho though. Hmmm, wonder why...Maybe I need new glasses.


Robson south face closeup1.jpg (50279 bytes)  Route photo (click to enlarge. warning: BIG 165kb file) This is a telephoto of Mount Robson's south side in early August 1993 from Yellowhead Highway, showing SSW ridge route we followed in 1998. Conditions shown are not ideal due to significant snow remaining on Schwartz Ledges.

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