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more Lyell Peaks

Lyells in evening.jpg (52133 bytes)Soft evening light bathes peaks 2 and 3, as seen from peak 1. It is always a pleasure to watch the sun set on the summits--- unless you're on those summits and 4 hours away from camp. We stumbled back to our tents by headlamp at 1 a.m.  Due to a big oversight, I was wearing my dark prescription glacier glasses the whole way because I had forgotten my regular glasses back in camp. No moonlight, wearing dark sunglasses and by midnight, boy, was it dark!


Lyell_four_peak.jpg (74946 bytes)  Two days later we headed for Peaks 4 & 5. Here they are as seen from near peak 3. These two peaks can also be combined in a long day from camp. We ascended the snow arete at right of photo to Peak 4, the highest, and traversed the connecting ridge to Peak 5. I still remember my crampons screeching and grating on the sections of bare rock.


Lyell Four N ridge.jpg (52589 bytes)Ascending the snow arete at the north end of Peak 4. The weather? Crappy.  An electrical storm developed while we traversed to Peak 5, but luckily, we were not zapped. We did feel tingling and heard buzzing from electrical discharges though.


Climbing Lyell Four.jpg (79212 bytes) Note Orvel traversing across in the middle of the big snowpatch, heading for rock on the right side.


Climbing Lyell Pk Four.jpg (48459 bytes) Tramping up a snow ridge at the north end of Peak 4. This wasn't too steep.


Peak four from 5.jpg (55786 bytes) From Peak #5, looking back at #4 and the ridge we traversed.


Lyells from Peak 5.jpg (56009 bytes) After the successful traverse of Peaks 4 and 5, a rest to enjoy the view before the 2 hr walk back to camp. Peak 2 is at right of photo, Peak 3 at centre.

These are just a few pictures showing what you would encounter on a mountaineering trip to Lyell Peaks in the Canadian Rockies.  Looks like fun, eh? Sure beats mowing the lawn. My next big adventure that year was an attempt on Goodsir Peaks, a few hours south in Yoho National Park. This was before I even new that the American Rockies peaks like Long's Peak were actually higher than our Canadian Rockies. Higher, and way less technical too, a fact not lost on me as I age...

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