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more ACC Calgary Clemenceau Camp 2000 photos by Alan Kane

Scrambling Shipton and Chettan

Crevasse.jpg (43099 bytes) Crevasse on Tusk glacier near Shipton.    Overshegoes.jpg (34838 bytes)

ascendingShipton.jpg (35731 bytes)  Ascending Shipton .      Clemenceau from Shipton. ClemfromShipton.jpg (31227 bytes)    ClemfromShipton2.jpg (59306 bytes)  

 Clingon.jpg (61040 bytes)    Narrow ridge on Shipton.      Shipton1.jpg (37277 bytes) Near the top.

  HappyonShipton.jpg (30649 bytes)   On Shipton.    Pic Tordu strata.  PicTordu.jpg (40426 bytes) 

Silhouette and Shackleton.  ShackletonfromShipton.jpg (23410 bytes)   Sim, Al ,Anthony on Shipton. SimAnthonyAl.jpg (30840 bytes)  

 SimseesClem.jpg (45630 bytes) On Shipton, viewing Clemenceau.      Tigerglacier.jpg (43556 bytes) Tiger Glacier on Clemenceau from Shipton.   Chettanscramble.jpg (65241 bytes)  Scramble to Chettan's summit.       ShackletonfromChettan.jpg (33805 bytes)    Shackleton from Chettan.

Cummins Ridge Hike

TuskfromCumminsR.jpg (34369 bytes) Tusk from Cummins Ridge.     OnCumminsridge.jpg (51468 bytes) Sim, on Cummins ridge.

Climbing Mount Rhodes

Rhodesascent.jpg (51523 bytes) To Mt. Rhodes    ToRhodes.jpg (27221 bytes)

    Rhodesseracs.jpg (27989 bytes) Seracs on Rhodes.Sim&seracs.jpg (27626 bytes)

OnRhodesface.jpg (37999 bytes)    Ascending snow gully.     RhodesSummit.jpg (23206 bytes) On top of Rhodes.grouponRhodes.jpg (28170 bytes) All smiles.

TsarfromRhodes.jpg (26042 bytes) Tsar Mtn from Rhodes.     OnRhodes.jpg (43194 bytes)On Rhodes, lunching.

    . Rhodesdescent2.jpg (57123 bytes) Descending the rock ridge on Rhodes.Rhodesdescent.jpg (43405 bytes)

The group at ACC Calgary section Clemenceau (58239 bytes)


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