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ACC Calgary Clemenceau Camp 2000 photos by Alan Kane


Here are some of the better pictures I took at the Aug 12-19/2000 Clemenceau camp. I have temporarily posted them here.

Click thumbnails for larger image

Carrying gear

.gearcarry.jpg (64523 bytes)


Climbing Clemenceau

Clemreflection.jpg (127779 bytes)   Clemenceau reflection.     Clemseracs.jpg (35888 bytes) Below seracs.


 moreClemseracs.jpg (41403 bytes)  The serac wall.

  OnClem3.jpg (28288 bytes)  Along the route on Clemenceau OnClem1.jpg (25246 bytes)     OnClem2.jpg (76389 bytes)      

James resting. TiredJames.jpg (20382 bytes)    On top in storm. Clemsummit.jpg (76679 bytes)

Climbing Tusk

dawnfromTusk.jpg (19862 bytes) Dawn from Tusk DawnfromTusk2.jpg (75904 bytes)  

Tuskroute.jpg (40646 bytes)    Snowfield just above the Tusk gully.

 doingTusk.jpg (40892 bytes)  Along the ridge          IrvineChettanShipton.jpg (25218 bytes)  Chettan, Irvine from Tusk

Views of Mount Shackleton from Tusk , with Sim and Anthony.

 Tuskview.jpg (31469 bytes)    Sim&Shackleton.jpg (34531 bytes)    ShackletonAnthonySim.jpg (37312 bytes)    Shackletonface.jpg (39492 bytes)     Shackletonface2.jpg (29424 bytes) 

Tuskridge.jpg (28437 bytes) Scrambling up Tusk Ridge  SimonTusk.jpg (32842 bytes)   Sim near the top of Tusk, just before electrical storm arrived.

 Tuskdescent.jpg (18901 bytes)    Descending snowslope on Tusk        OnTuskglacier.jpg (41914 bytes) On Tusk glacier, heading back to hut.


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