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more Mount Bryce


Starting ridge.jpg (64351 bytes) Starting up the ridge of Main Peak from the col between middle and main peaks.


Gary on Mt Bryce.jpg (37219 bytes) At a rock step along the east ridge of main peak. It was easier than it looked, but we did use the rope. Most of this ridge was scrambling, but with crampons on for the short stretches of ice.


Gary on Mt Bryce.jpg (55863 bytes) Above the rock section on the ridge and onto an ice ridge. Perfect conditions.


 On Bryce face.jpg (56051 bytes) Traversing on frontpoints across the south face to the top was an exhilarating part of this route, but I kind of wished I'd had two ice axes and my clunky rigid plastic boots. It was about 4 ropelengths across the face. This route is easier when the notorious double cornice along the ridge has melted back, as it had here in August '98. This apparently doesn't happen often. From the summit, many major Rockies peaks were visible through the haze including Tsar Mountain, Mount Sir Donald, Lyell Peaks and Mount Edith Cavell.   Mount Blanc in France may be higher, but this peak was more fun!

Some fool on Bryce.jpg (48503 bytes) Me, on top of Mount Bryce. Behind is Mount Columbia and King Edward, further left. (Gary Fauland photo)


View north from Bryce.jpg (85809 bytes) A summit view of (L-R) Columbia, Twins and Stutfield Peaks. These peaks are usually done on skis.


Bryce centre peak.jpg (37056 bytes)This is Mount Bryce' centre peak (3370 m), seen from the east ridge of main summit. From the col between the two, it took only 25 minutes to scramble to the top, staying off to the right of the ridge. Pretty easy way to bag a Rockies 11'000 footer, eh? Fortunately, conditions were ideal: That does actually happen every few years. 


On Middle Bryce.jpg (54837 bytes)On Middle Bryce, looking west at the ridge we followed to Main peak.


A couple of weeks later, I was headed off to Mount Robson to see if my luck, and the weather, would hold.

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